The Process

When Your Injured

DocPreferred will help you with your next steps after a personal injury

Examine Your Options

DocPreferred will search our database to find the perfect healthcare provider based on your injury

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DocPreferred will provide you with a priority appointment

When Your Injured


Auto accidents and slip & falls can cause a wide variety of injuries. You may not realize how much pain you endured until the shock of the accident wears off. It is a good precaution to be seen by a medical provider regardless if the injuries seem insignificant.  

How we can help

Many issues arise while dealing with personal injuries. Patients trying to be seen for the first time or for a follow up visit from the ER are often pointed in the wrong direction. The emergency room instructs patients to follow up with their primary care physician. However, victims may find that their primary car provider does not handle personal injury cases due to billing issues or other circumstances related to the injury. The process leaves patients confused without any type of direction on what to do next to be seen. 

DocPreferred is here to fill the void. We will schedule you with a healthcare provider that specializes in personal injury and billing.  


DocPreferred has a network of healthcare providers that understand what personal injury patients go through. By providing us with your zip code and injuries; we are able to search our database to provide you with a priority appointment.   


Healthcare Providers Network

DocPreferred has a wide range of healthcare providers in multiple states to better serve you. We will schedule you with a healthcare provider based on your injuries, location, and insurance. 

Remove The Worry

It is challenging to find healthcare providers who can effectively bill and treat personal injury cases. DocPreferred's provider network eliminates you having to call numerous medical offices. We provide priority appointments when you need one.

Get the Help You Need

After being injured in a slip & fall or auto accident, you do not need to worry about finding a doctor that can help you. Take the time out of searching and use our advanced network of healthcare providers.


Injuries can be stressful enough! Relax, we will take care of the rest.


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